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We're more than just marshmallows

Starting September 1, 2020, every month 5% of our monthly earnings will go towards the Make A Wish Foundation® through our "Spread S'more" Program. Here's a look inside as to why we do what we do!


A word from Danii:

For me, the idea of "success" always meant much more than being able to have my own business. Success has a lot more to do with the kind of person I strive to be between when I wake up in the morning and when I go to sleep at night.

The Make A Wish Foundation® has always been a cause that touched my heart greatly. I think it's truly amazing the joy this foundation brings to children and their families, even for a brief moment. From a young age, I was constantly at doctors, getting tests done, etc. Although I was fortunate enough that the results for me were never that negative, I was always incredibly aware that there were others out there facing some of their hardest days. That individuals and families were sometimes receiving the hardest news of their life instead. 

Additionally, one of my biggest supporters, best friend, and very own superstar has always been my Mom, as she still continues to be today, supporting me in everything I do. My mom, truly is a hero of sorts though, because she's dedicated her life thus far to helping others by being a nurse. While watching her bloom in the medical field my entire life, whether it was while being a hospice nurse, critical care nurse, etc.,  I was a first hand witness to her years spent not only facing good outcomes, but bad ones unfortunately as well. Although nothing can change what people go through in life, I try to think that every little bit helps.


Maybe it's because of the morals my parents instilled in me from when I was young, the people I've met and continue to meet, or the stories I've heard, but what's more satisfying than getting to make s'mores for all of you (although I really, really, love that) are the positive things I get to do because of it. 

Our "Spread S'more" Program will launch September 1, 2020.

So when you buy a marshmallow or a graham, just remember we're encouraging you to spread s'more... s'more kindness, s'more love, s'more YOU.

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we "Spread S'more" to!  Use #SpreadSmore on social media to share with us some of your spreadgood moments!


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