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DANII- Founder & Marshmallow Queen 

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Baking has always been something that stuck with me since the time I was young. If there were celebrations- I'd bake, if I was stressed, I'd turn to baking. No matter what, I always found an excuse to whip up some kind of sweet treat. 

After attending the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC for fashion design and being in the industry for just a short few years, I already found myself bored with the same daily routine and spent more time dreaming up business ideas than focusing on my actual work. Knowing I needed to change this, I decided to take a chance and create Eat S'more.

My idea for Eat S'more came about on Fourth of July when I whipped up a S'mores Pie and people fell in love. That's when I thought, "Well what if I made my own marshmallows?" And then "What if I made my own grahams?" And then, well, I guess you can say the rest is history and here I am today getting to do what I love by creating fun treats for you all.  Whether it's sitting around a campfire, snacking with family or friends, or a dessert party for one (because trust me, I hate sharing my dessert too), I hope you all love these treats as much as I enjoy making them.

P.S. That's Chance- Official Taste Tester & the best chocolate lab around

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