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Vedam Subrahmanyam Electric Drives Pdf Free 43 [Updated]




The location of the permanent magnets is not important. The amplitude of the torque at any point in the orbit must be equal to zero. Torque M. M P P P P P P P P Fig. 1.30 Torque and AMPS in relation to the angle of rotation. 47 FIGURE 1.31 SMD’s Dimensionless Torque Current. SMD’s Dimensionless Torque Current Plot ( ) for Constant T Q, ω,, N = 2.1. 0.5 3 0.7 4 0.8 5 1.0 6 1.1 7 1.2 48 Chapter 1. Brushless DC Motors and Drives 1. The field winding current Id in Fig. 1.31 is dimensionless. The torque is dimensionless, and it is also a function of the number of poles, the rotational speed, and the excitation current in the coil. The dimensionless torque current SmD’s 1.1. The excitation current Is = μI and the torque torque values are related to the angle of rotation as in Fig. 1.31. The torque torque values are plotted with respect to the angle of rotation in the lab- frame. The diagram in Fig. 1.31 shows the relationships between the torque and the angle of rotation for a given excitation current Is. The resulting torque depends on the number of poles (or the number of turns) and the rotational speed. As the rotational speed increases, the peak torque increases and the minimum torque decreases. The diagram also shows that the maximum torque occurs when the rotor is in the middle of the stator. The torque is highest for Id = 0.5; the torque decreases to zero for Id = 0.8. The torque for Id = 1.1, however, is higher than that of the two preceding values. This corresponds to the lower curve in Fig. 1.31. The torque decreases as the rotational speed increases. The torque is zero at the resonant angle. If the rpm is fixed and the number of poles is decreased, then the torque decreases. Conversely, if the number of poles is increased, the torque increases. It is noted that for a given rotational speed, as the number of poles decreases, the torque decreases. This follows from the fact that for a given Is and a given rotation angle, the number of field windings is proportional to the number of poles. Therefore, if the number of poles is decreased, the torque decreases, and the stat



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Vedam Subrahmanyam Electric Drives Pdf Free 43 [Updated]

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